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if you wish to activate, reactivate, or load the programs on more computers, then read on:-

1. If you have the original activation link/button then it is best to use that.
 You will be presented with a form asking for an email address, so we can send you a new link.

2. If you can't find the original link/button then fill in this form with your original details.

If a previous registration is found, an activation link will be emailed to the address entered below.

For the activation to be automatic, you should now be using the machine and browser that you wish to use for the Roof Gutter Design calculators.

Once you receive the new activation link, please click it from this computer using this browser.
Otherwise the program will assume a different machine and present the login screen again.
Each machine requires its own individual activation link.

The new link may be forwarded to a new user or computer, however they will be required to register under their own name, as each machine requires its own individual activation link.

* required field.

User Name: *
E-mail: *
Product: *

Request a Tax Invoice for a prevoiusly purchased product.

Further Notes:
When buying a program you are automatically registered, and a cookie is placed on your computer.
This saves the hassell of logging in each time you use the program.
However if Paypal didn't redirect you back to the site, or the cookie changed, or got deleted, then the program will not be activated.

However you can reactivate it by using this form, or the original activation link that was emailed to you

This will reactivate your calculators to the original timescale.
So if you had 3 days left, this will reset those 3 days.

However if you have never purchased a calculator, or your original activation has expired, you will get a notification of this.

Your 'User Name' is the same as your Paypal 'first name', or the 'first name' you gave when purchasing with a credit card, or the user name you gave when purchasing.
Your E-mail is the same as your PayPal email, or the email you gave when purchasing with a credit card, or the email address you gave when purchasing.

If you don't have those, the 'user name' and 'email' is also shown on the original email you received from
"noreply@roof-gutter-design.com.au". when purchasing the program.
The original activation link will also reactivate a lost activation.

If all else fails, please contact me through the 'contact' menu.