Hi there, welcome to my blog.

I am a retired Charted Professional Engineer  (CPEng) with an embarrassing amount of (years) experience.

However I spent many years “tearing my hair out” as an Hydraulic Engineer designing pipework for buildings. Doing research into all sorts of formulas, and writing programs to make the job easier, and especially quicker. I got to the stage where I could size all the water and storm water pipes for any high rise building in a matter of hours.

You can too, if you go to my website where the programs are now free. (and very easy to use).

They were originally developed for Architects and building designers, because, you know what? Although I could design a whole building in a matter of hours, it took twice as long on the phone to the building designer answering all the questions. What if I made the box gutter wider?, the downpipes  smaller?, what size to I need for this catchment area? How many down pipes would I need if I made them bigger,  Where do I need downpipes? etc etc etc. If you’re in the business you’ll know exactly what I mean.

So I wrote these tools, so that they could find out all the answers (with a couple of clicks), and do all the “what if’s” themselves. Hopefully this will allow the building designer to get the building sorted before passing it to the Hydraulic and Structural Engineers, for further design and certification.

I am hoping that this will save everyone on the design team a lot of agro.


BTW please feel free to comment, or suggest any other things you would like blogged about.